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Tips To Keep A Freezer Cold

At home, general maintenance can keep your freezer cold and help avoid costly repairs. You will want to maintain your freezer even in the long months of winter. Your appliance will have long years left, if simple repairs are performed.The following tips will help you save this valuable appliance:

Coils Need Cleaning: Dirt can and does build up on the coils of many appliances and your freezer is no exception. Dirty freezer coils will cause your freezer to be less energy efficient. Regularly cleaning the freezer coils every three months, unless you have pets. Then once a month will be good.The coils are usually located on the bottom or back of your freezer. Give them a good cleaning with a vacuum or brush.

Balancing the freezer: Another life lengthening tip for your freezer is to keep it level. If your freezer is not level the seals may become weak and not work properly. A wrench or hand level can be used to adjust the legs of your freezer, making it as level as possible.

Keeping the Pan Clean: The drain opening pan of your freezer collects moisture. Keeping this plan clean is very important to your freezers performance. You will first need to unplug the freezer. Locate the drain opening and remove any clogs from it. Now, remove the grill from your freezer from the front. Slide or pull pan out and clean with warm, soapy water. Replace pan and your freezer will be in great shape and mold free.

Defrosting: Some freezers come with a manual defrost, so you must turn your freezer off, allowing for it to defrost.Newer freezers have a self-defroster and will thaw on its own frost. Defrosting your freezer can be done by removing excess amounts by scraping away by hand. Food will remain freezer burn free, if you regularly defrost your freezer.

The Seal Gasket: Your freezer will usually retain a constant temperature, if the door seal is not worn or dried out. If your seals are regularly wiped clean, dirt, dust and buildup will not become a big issue. To check your freezers seal, place a sheet of paper between the door and where the seal touches. When the freezer is closed the paper should not be easily pulled out. If it does, your seal may need to be replaced.

These are just a few tips to help maintain your appliances and if there are any major glitch that has rendered the freezer to malfunction, call in the appliance repair experts in Cambridge. They are trained to work on all brands of freezers and refrigerators so they can quickly diagnose issues and repair them effectively.