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Shall I Opt For A Dryer That Is Electric Or Runs On Gas?

Laundry us a chore that cannot be ignored. Much easier if your dryer is efficient or upgraded. For true efficiency newer dryers are better than ever. There are more new features and functions than ever before. They come in several sizes too, for small amounts of laundry to mega loads. You have your choice of electric or gas. Either of these power sources work equally well.

The Science of Drying

True, there is science behind drying your laundry. It works like this: a coil heats the air pulled into the dryer. Circulation of the heated air is conducted by a fan. A drum turns the clothes and the circulating air is constantly heating the clothes. The damp clothes being heated by warm air turns to steam. A dryer exhaust tube vents the steam out of the dryer. Both electric and gas dryers use this science. So how do they differ?

Electric: An electric dryer is powered by a 240-current. The heating coils and motors of the dryer work by way of electricity. Note that a gas dryer also uses electricity as well as propane or natural gas.

Gas: Gas dryers work by gas being converted to heat by a burner. The heat from this method runs through a dedicated gas line. The drum and blower motor in a gas dryer uses 120- volts of electrical power.

Compare Dryer Costs

Depending on features, Electric dryers have a cost range of $500 to $1400. A comparable gas dryer could cost anywhere from $50 to $150 more than an electric dryer.


One improvement made to the thermostat of newer model dryers is a moisture sensor.This sensor detects moisture in the contents of the dryer. When the laundry is dry the machine shuts itself off. Another improvement is the end-of-cyclefeature. An alert will inform you the clothing is dry. This will definitely save you from having to iron. Gas and electric dryers offer these improvements.


Electric dryers are usually easy to install. You can plug them into a dedicated 240-volt circuit. But when you need to install a gas dryer, you must have a gas hookup and access to a 120-volt electrical outlet. If you do not have a gas hookup, an appliance repair expert in Cambridge can install it and meet safety codes. Hiring someone to install a gas line and vent system can cost several hundred dollars. That’s really not so bad when you consider the price of gas compared to the price of electricity.