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Quick Guide For Cooktop Buyers

Even if you’re not a cook, you may find that you have use for a cooktop. You don’t necessarily have to be whipping up complicated meals, but you may want to make tea. Or boil and egg. Or heat up a package of soup. Most homes have some sort of cooktop. It usually comes in the form of a range, meaning that the cooktop is attached to an oven below it. This is what works for many homes, and if space allows, usually functions just fine. However, a range can be a waste of space if you don’t use the oven below it.

If you’re not one to use an oven, then you may want the space for storage or additional cabinets. You can have this with a built in cooktop that provides you with a cooking surface without the bulk of an additional oven.There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a cooktop. Like most appliances nowadays, you can find something from reasonably inexpensive to luxury cost and quality. Knowing a little bit about cooktops will help you make the best buying decision possible for your circumstances.

Benefits of Buying a Cooktop

There are a variety of benefits to buying a cooktop on its own without a range. Here’s a brief look at some of the advantages to a cooktop.

• Less released heat – A cooktop is generally very energy efficient and takes less heat to cook or heat up food or water. When you use a cooktop on its own, it gives off less heat and uses less energy than a range would. This is a benefit financially and also practically if you live in a warmer area or during the summer months.
• More design options – Since there are a variety of different styles of cooktops, purchasing one provides you with more options when redesigning your kitchen. You’ll have options as far as how you want the cooktop to look. You’ll also have options to maximize the convenience of the appliance, meaning it’s easier to put it where you will get the most use out of it. For example, you may find that putting the cooktop on the kitchen island is most convenient and makes the most sense for your home.
• Creation of more storage space – As mentioned before, a cooktop doesn’t come with an oven. This is great if you don’t bake or have a lifestyle where you rarely use an oven. With a cooktop, you don’t need to worry about wasted space. The space that was once taken over by an oven can be used for storage. You can add extra cabinets. Or if you’re a wine lover, a built in wine cooler may also be a good option.

Types of Cooktops

There are different types of cooktops and each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can research the details of the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of cooktops online or you can ask an Appliance Repair service in Cambridge. These are the different types of cooktops:

• Gas cooktops: often a preferred choice of chefs due to the speed at which they heat up
• Coil electric cooktops: generally the most economical type of cooktop
• Smooth-top electric cooktops: sleek looking and can be installed almost anywhere
• Induction cooktops: expensive, but they heat up quickly and don’t give off a lot of heat