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Noteworthy Features of A Commercial Dishwasher

If you operate the type of business that depends on the availability of clean dishes, then you ought to become familiar with the noteworthy features of a commercial dishwasher. First recognize the existence of two different ways for sanitizing each washed dish. One approach relies on utilization of super-heated water. The other approach calls for use of sanitizing chemicals, in combination with the proper detergent and water at a lower temperature. And if there is any issues in any of these, it becomes important to call in the appliance repair service in Cambridge.

The dishwashing machines that use water with a lower temperature create less steam. Sometimes a dishwasher’s style matches better with a low temp machine. At other times, one of the alternate styles seems to do the best job of meeting the user’s needs.

Styles of commercial dishwashers

Undercounter: This is a small and compact appliance. It can transform a collection of dirty dishes into a group of clean ones at an amazingly fast rate of speed. It meets the needs of those entrepreneurs that operate a coffee shop or an independently-owned restaurant.

Door type: This is larger; it would not fit under any typical counter. It combines its power with the presence of hot temperatures. Because it is so powerful, it comes with a safety switch. The user can make use of that switch, if the slide-up door comes open.

Glass washers: These are not as powerful as the door type, due to the presence of the fragile glasses. Still, the washed glasses do get exposed to hot temperatures. If used to clean glassware in a laboratory, this style does not sterilize the cleaned items. Anything that must be made sterile needs to be subjected to the temperatures produced by an autoclave.

Conveyer dishwashers: Some of these use a high temperature; others rely on lower temperatures. These also introduce the need for an added expense. Details on that expense can be found in the next section.

Factors that work to determine the dishwasher’s cost

The larger dishwashing machines cost more than the ones that fit under the counter. In addition, it costs more to operate a machine that uses super-heated water. On the other hand, a feature that adds to the dishwasher’s cost could actually be a money-saver in the future. For instance, the existence of a safety switch would reduce the chances for a costly accident. By the same token, use of a glass washer reduces the chances that those fragile items might get broken, while being cleaned.

Finally, consider the costs linked to the appliance’s installation. Before a conveyer dishwasher can be installed in any facility, an electrician must put hard-wiring in that same location. The business owner must reimburse the electrician for that service. Naturally, that adds to the total cost of the conveyer-equipped appliance.