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A Guide To Repairing And Replacing Your Appliances

A good first step to determining whether something needs fixing or replacing, is to look at the lifespan and repair costs. After all, if an appliance won’t last much longer anyway, why not just buy a newer model now and safe yourself the trouble of additional costs? To make this even easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of common issues and whether they indicate the need for a repair or the need for a replacement.

Your Washing Machine

Are You finding that there is fluctuating water temperature? Try replacing the water-level pressure switch. This will eliminate the issues. Are you hearing strange noises and excessive vibrating? Try replacing the spin-basket. And if there is trouble with the door? Try replacing the door lock assembly. And if nothing is working and the appliance suddenly stops working? Check the warranty if it’s new, and think of replacing it if it’s already got a double-digit age riding on its back.

Your Dryer

If you have been using the dryer and there are issues such as it’s got trouble heating up and takes forever to dry, you need to check the thermal fuse, it may need replacing. In case your dryer is suddenly switching off, check the thermostat, it probably needs replacing. If there is intense shaking, you need to try replacing the drum seal.If these don’t work, or your dryer has been producing actual smoke, you probably should go out and get yourself a new one. Additionally, for all such issues, it is important to call on the appliance repair service in Cambridge.

Your Fridge

If you find that the door doesn’t close, replace the door seal, so that the cool air cannot leak. Another minor issue is that the light no longer works? Replace the bulb.You’ve got a leak, a broken ice-maker, or a fridge that doesn’t really, you know, if it stops refrigerating anymore because it’s too warm in there? Then you should call in a professional or just buy a new one if it’s already over the age of thirteen anyway.

Your Dishwasher

Does the dishwasher randomly stop mid-cycle? Check if the door is fully closed, and if it’s not, and it can’t, then replace the door latch assembly. If the appliance leaks water, it is important to try replacing the door seal.Go replace the high-limit thermostat, if your dishes are no longer dry when they come out. It’s not filling with enough water? Try replacing the water inlet valve.You’ve noticed a cracked interior, a leak so big it’s damaged your floor and cabinet, or some other intense issue? Then you should seriously consider replacing the entire thing and investing in a new one.